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Our action until 28. 02. 2006.: In case of purchasing a Stokke-baby-carriage we pre-sent you a winter foot-sack.

The defence of the backbone cannot be started early enough: the most important toll is the free movement.

From the aspect of the psychic and spiritual development of the children has playing accentuated role. Give our children toys which conduce the developing of their abilities.

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Children's room - Chair for learning

Going to school forces our child to desk. Meanwhile we would like to achieve that his backbone develops in a healthy way, and during a long time of sitting, our offspring does not get tired. The simplest way to attain this is to often interrupt learning with brakes, doing some exercises, possibly taking in some fresh air. The furniture designers developed the inclinable table flap to reach the physiological carriage and the chair called “Variable” to realize the “We are all created to move – not to sit still” principle. Among the health caring furniture worked out experimentally by the Norwegian factory Stokke the Variable is deservedly one of the most popular. The most fascinating part of this chair is its tread. First of all in technical way since the faultless, without extension, steamed sheets made of beech-wood are manufactured with gluing, with a special production technology, which guarantees an incredible, life-long endurance. The bend of the arching is created to settle down and keep your balance stress-free in almost endless varieties of different sitting positions, so the loading directions of the spine are countless. There is no more compulsion of swinging on the back legs of the seat and as a result the fall over! Just a little shift of the centre of the gravity and the spine takes up a new direction and all this extremely safe. It can be also used as a kneeling chair. Naturally it also does not mean a single static position: shift of the centre of the gravity and the loading of the spine takes up a new direction. Of course this chair can also be used, moreover is used by adults, as well. The Variable’s variety with adjustable leg cushions and back is Thatsit; the chairs developed for negotiators are Actulum, Pendulum, Date; for relaxing the topmodel Gravity. The Stokke stress the utmost importance of the environment: only replanted, cultivated beech-wood is used and naturally every single product is recyclable. The quality is indicated with a remarkably long, 7-year warranty at every chair.


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