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Furniture, Interior decoration - Unique wooden furniture
An unique vestibule

Not only the conditions, which differ from the regularity like can show up in an attic or in a not rectangular room, not even the necessity to fit to the existing furniture, but fist of all the human thirst for freedom, the claim to achieve fully the individuality urges again and again to accomplish an environment, which belongs only to us, which were created only for us. The designer of the Vitalitas, the well-skilled technicians have a great deal of experience to attain this claim. Perhaps we made the most of the piece kitchen furniture but the furnishing of our halls, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms is often moulded by individual plans.

A kitchen under roof

Obviously the library room cannot be furnished with industrial furniture but surgeries or lawyer’s offices are planned individually, as well. In case of individual furnishing first of all our designer should know your conception, on the basis of which she works out several alternatives – adding her professional, esthetical knowledge and experience of several years –, among those you should decide. This process generally takes a long time – sometimes several weeks –, so it is worth beginning the interior designing as early as possible.

A detail of an unique kitchen

In Vitalitas we prefer the wood during the furniture production, which is of special beauty, a natural material, and we are convinced that nothing has been created of that sort so far. We endeavour to provide you a complex service, so your living space should be uniform and harmonic. At Vitalitas you can order, choose from the windows to the lamps, from the kitchen appliances to the pieces of fine workmanship, to the masterworks at our gallery nearly everything, which is necessary for your home.


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