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Furniture, Interior decoration - Living-room
Detail of a modern living-room

This is the premise in our home, where our guests spend more or less time. The claim set up to it is dual: on the one hand it should harmonize with our individuality and the rest of our home; on the other hand it should be suitable for organizing any festive occasions. Lot of us would like to furnish the living room with representative furniture, which can be worked out with both series and piece production.

Detail of a classic living-room

In the Vitalitas Furniture Gallery we endeavoured consciously to present such offer of factory furniture, which has both in classic and in modern style so rich variety of elements, that it can satisfy every individual claim. Naturally the individual furniture production renders the optimal exploitation of the capacity of the living room and the maximal realization of individual ideas the most possible. But it is just not the furniture what You can order at Vitalitas!

Another modern living-room

From doors stained to the colour of the furniture and made of the wood of it to the particular parquet floors, from the wall-to-wall carpet and hangings made of natural materials and by artist to the lamp needful for the lighting of the room; almost everything is available. The atmosphere of the living room can be made complete with works of art, which You can choose out in our gallery. Certainly we have an offer for those, as well, who would like to enrich their living room with any complementary furniture like a stick-handle or a flower-stand.


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