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Furniture, Interior decoration - Bedroom, mattress
The bed and the mattress can be obtained in Vitalitas

Beds play an important role in our lives, who would contradict? Since generally our conception just as our evanescence are linked with bed, and about the third of the time between them we spend in bed. Often the wrong bed is responsible for our day-exhaustion, backache and lumbago. Whereas our night is healthily refreshing it looks in our performance in the daytime. The bedrooms of Vitalitas should be whether industrial or piece productions meet both the aesthtetical and the health requirements.

The structure of Vitalitas bed

The bed lattice built in to our bed, which can be moved by an engine or “just” simply refreshes the spine, was designed co-operating with specialists. The framings, the flexible (lamella) mattresses are not only special for being made of natural materials, but also being able to set to the body weight. We lay a great stress on the selection of the ideal mattress. The Hungarian, German, Italian, Slovakian mattress producing firms co-operating with us are able to make all the up-to-date orthopedic mattresses, so You can choose it with metal spring (bonell, bag, sack) or without spring (cold pure foam, latex, coir, lazy foam developed by the NASA and the so-called new foam), moreover the components, and so the stiffness of the bed can be varied innumerously. When selecting the mattress You should consider not only the body weight and height, but even Your sleep habits (lying more prone, on back or Your side). It is also important whether you suffer from any allergy, because You can choose bio and anti-allergic mattresses, as well.

A part of a bedroom with working corner

The bedrooms of Vitalitas have been made of almost every kind of timber. We plan and produce beside the beds the night-tables and other furniture of the bedroom. The bedroom becomes especially exclusive when all the furniture including the wooden windows and doors are uniform in material and stain, which can be made complete with a reasoned lamp and each real work of art from our gallery.

"Babett" is the most popular "Vitalitas"bed

In the past few years there have been made innumerous individually planned bedrooms and beds in the Vitalitas Furniture Gallery. All of them the most popular is the “Babett”, which is a 180x200 cm bed made of beech-wooden veneer with ebony ornament, and which according to the decision of the management of Vitalitas became the “furniture of the month”. We solved the series production in small, so You can buy at a surprisingly low prize (at this category of quality).


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