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Furniture, Interior decoration - Kitchen, household appliences
Original Vitalitas-kitchen

The fulfilment of the most individual requests is the fundamental requirement of the Vitalitas kitchen. Should You dream whether a modern „minimal-kitchen” or a rustic one, at Vitaitas these are all available in both industrial and piece production. The usable materials are nearly endless: beside wood, granite and marble can be used, as well, similarly specially moulded rust-proof metal plates or special plastics.

A "high tech" kitchen

Our designer, mother of four children, is a practising housekeeper at the same time, is fully aware of that the kitchen beside being aesthetic is a workplace, as well and so it can be excepted with good reason that a kitchen should be rational and practical. So we organize the workplaces side by side to be handy, the place of the lamps is planned to be optimal for the lighting of the work-benches and naturally we have idea for the utilization of recesses thought to be unapproachable.

A classic italian kitchen

Today kitchen is unimaginable without household appliances. Fortunately Vitalitas has relation with the best household appliances makers (Miele, Bosch, Siemens, AEG, Electrolux, Zanussi, Fagor, Whirlpool, Ariston, Liebherr). Since our company delivers directly from the manufacturers and wholesaler there are no storing charges, the discounts given by the dealers can be transmitted to the customers including the reductions.

Another original Vitalitas-kitchen

We exploit the advantages afforded by the set-in utensils maximally: complete integrability, jointless building round, which provide beside in the kitchen so important hygiene unique visual experience. You will not be alone when You will choose from the far-reaching supply, You may rely on our designer’s „housewife”suggestions, decisions concerning price-value proportion.


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